Single Origin & Full-Spectrum

Small Batch & Bathed in Light

We don’t cut corners. 

We handcraft our CBD oil in small batches, starting with the organic hemp we grow ourselves. We infuse cold-pressed organic carrier oils with the dried hemp flower and press the tincture to prep it for blending and bottling.

Before we finish, we do something entirely unique — we set the bottled CBD oil in a bath of biophotonic light, which infuses it with coherent energy. According to biophotonics — an emerging area of science — our bodies absorb and make use of biophotons (wavelengths of light), which may benefit our cellular and metabolic functions.

Ours is a lengthy process, and we’re proud of that! Our uncompromising approach to CBD allows us to ensure you’ll always receive an activated, full-spectrum, potent and lovingly handcrafted Marigold Botanicals CBD oil or salve. 

Organic CBD Oil

Use our organic CBD oil to activate healing, relieve pain and promote balance. Comes in two sizes 2oz with 700mg of CBD and 1oz with 350 mg CBD.

Organic CBD Salve

Use our organic CBD salve on the skin to activate healing, relieve pain and promote balance. Comes in two sizes, 4oz with 800mg of CBD and 2oz with 400 mg of CBD

Sleep and I are friends again!

I can finally sleep through the night! I've always had issues with waking up in the middle of the night, or taking a long time to get to sleep, but after a couple of weeks using the Marigold CBD oil every night I've been sleeping all through the night and wake up refreshed. This hasn't happened to me in over 10 years!

— Michelle

My Favorite

My favorite is the combination of the salve on my neck and arms, and a dropperful of oil.  It instantly brings me peace of mind.

— J

Very Satisfied

I've been using this product for the last 6 months and have come to rely on it. Through the use of this hemp oil I came to realize I had lived my entire life with a background level of anxiety.  It was not until the anxiety subsided did I fully realize how pervasive worry had been in my life. I am a single father and understood the true power of this product when I was pulling out of my driveway on route for a 6 hour car trip. With the car packed and both my children in the car, I was shocked to realize the process of getting ready had caused me little to no stress. This amazing oil has helped me enjoy the precious time I have with my children and live a life that is not controlled by anxiety.  I have a bottle in my car, at the office and at home at all times. I highly recommend this product.

— GW


Marigold oil has completely changed my life. I suffer from anxiety and depression but now I feel more motivated and focused, with a greater sense of emotional balance. I am so grateful for this product and all the support it has given. 

— Ester